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What did you do this weekend?

Directions: Have your child click on each tile for every activity they did. For each title clicked, a text box will appear underneath to type into. Click the Large Submit button on the bottom of the page once finished to create a printable PDF in a new tab in your browser. Each activity tile has a clear button if it was picked by accident or you want to start over.

I went shopping

I did yard work

I went out to eat

I went on a trip

I visited



I went somewhere special

I helped out at home

I read a book

I watched a movie



I played outside


I listened to music or danced

I played a game



Please return your print out on Monday for weekend review speech-langauge group. We will be practicing asking and answering questions, best speech, conversation and attentive listening skills. Please write or have your child write any details on the back of your print out that will help answer ‘What’, ‘Who’, ‘Where’ and ‘When’ questions. Thank you!